Sunrise | Sunset : Work from Studio Nong | Memphis 2016

2016-01-05 22.09.06

Sunrise | Sunset : Work from Studio Nong

January 8 – February 5, 2016
Hyde Gallery
Nesin Graduate School
477 South Main
Memphis, TN
Reception: Friday, January 29, 6-9
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday noon-5 & Saturday noon-7

Instal Shot MCA 2016

Memphis College of Art is pleased to present an exhibition of over fifty ceramic artworks created by members of the Studio Nong International Sculpture Collective and Residency Program. The work in this exhibition was made during the summer of 2015 in a stateside artistic event that began in Memphis, Tennessee at the Memphis College of Art and was completed in Kansas City at the Kansas City Art Institute. Studio Nong is an international collaboration between American and Chinese sculptors that fosters the exchange of traditions and techniques between diverse academies and cultures. Formed through a shared interest in figurative ceramic sculpture, members incorporate both past and contemporary eastern and western practices. Each member has a unique, innovative platform for approaching and creating art. This joint venture allows individuals of the collective to function simultaneously as mentor and maker for students, artists from the community, and each other. Through workshops, lectures and exhibitions, members of Studio Nong share their knowledge of innovation and cooperation with communities and institutions who recognize and appreciate Art’s communicative and transformative power. Participating artists are: Jessie Fisher, Misty Gamble, Scott Seebart (Kansas City Art Institute), Leandra Urrutia (Memphis College of Art), Zhenhai He, Shanwu Huang, Bangmin Nong, and Jigang Qin (Guangxi Arts Institute, China).

Photos Credits: Glenn Kremer

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