Misty Gamble

MGamble Headshot

Kansas City, USA

Misty Gamble’s work is inspired by the human figure and its infinite capacity for communication. This makes sense given that, as a child, Misty was immersed in her father’s world of puppetry and the performing arts. Gamble’s current work, life-size ceramic figurative sculptures and installations of multiple figurative fragments, focuses attention on issues surrounding femininity and challenges conventional standards of morality, normalcy and propriety. Misty has been awarded long-term residencies at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Additionally, Gamble was invited to lead an Artist-Invite Artist Residency at Watershed and was an invited artist at Project Art in Cummington, Massachusetts. She has been a guest artist (both long term and short term) at Watershed, Project Art, C.R.E.T.A Rome, and The Armory. Gamble is the co-founder of Studio Nong. Gamble is an Assistant Professor in the School of Foundation at the Kansas City Art Institute. Before receiving her MFA from San Francisco State University in the visual arts, she worked as an agent, publicist, and event producer in music and the performing arts.

Artist Statement

Issues surrounding femininity and set standards of normalcy, propriety and societal expectation inform my work. Through this work, I confront and challenge conventional standards of femininity, beauty, and power. Sculpted multiple figural fragments provide a perfect vehicle for communicating ideas about beauty, excess, opulence and the abject. From primping and accessorizing, my work explores these issues and how they impact womanhood. The work is influenced by my continued interest in not only figuration, but fashion, textile pattern, wallpaper and hair.