Jigang Qin


Nanning, China

Jigang Qin graduated in 1987 from the GuangXi Arts Institute (B.A) and in 1997 from the Japan Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music (M.A) in sculptural arts, studying with a pupil of Mailol. His current practice, stemming from his initial focus in Academic figuration, has progressed into the study of human and natural vessel forms influenced by the poetics of Chinese landscape painting. In addition to exhibiting widely in Japan and China, he designed and created public work including: Water and Land, a memorial wall of Nanning City; The LiuZhou Flood Fighting Monument, in LiuZhou, Jiangbin Park; and The Auspicious Nuo in The Prosperous Society, at the GuangXi Huangiang County Ethic Cultural Square. He is currently a professor of sculpture of GuangXi Arts Institute.

Artist Statement

I am often obsessed with the yin and yang, the positive and negative, the square and circle and these spaces that help to create my sculpture. In my sculpture, I reduce or carve and work with plasticity to increase. This, in itself, contains philosophical relationship between yin and yang. Mixed media or natural materials potentially create vitality. In these material additions, I maximize the control of artificial and natural processing to achieve simplicity and to maximize vitality through the strengthening materials.