Residency Program

Studio Nong is an international collective of artists and educators from the GuangXi Arts Institute in Nanning, China, C.R.E.T.A Rome in Italy, the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, dividing its time between Southern China and the United States. The collective, who have worked together in QinZhou, China (2013), Memphis, TN and Kansas City, MO (2015), are preparing for their third residency program, to be held at the Studio Nong campus in Nanning City, China (2016). Together with interns and students, this group creates work that reflects their shared interest in clay sculpture through the meeting of diverse traditions, methodologies and cultures within the group. 
The Studio Nong Collective Residency Program actively seeks to create opportunities that bring together students, artists and members of the artistic community who are interested in the development and expansion of contemporary clay culture. At its core, this residency program builds a unique platform for demonstrating, exhibiting, and lecturing that encourages artistic growth and pedagogical exchange amongst members of the collective and its affiliates.
Work completed while in residence in Studio Nong has been exhibited at the QinZhou NiXing Pottery Museum in QinZhou, China, the Hyde and Rust Hall Galleries at the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, Belger/Crane Yard Galleries in Kansas City, MO and most recently at Weinberger Fine Art in Kansas City in conjunction with the 50th National Council for the Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).
The Studio Nong Collective is a community of artists and educators who are dedicated to the expansion of the field of ceramics and the importance of international collaboration. Collective members are: Professor Zhenhai He (GAI), Professor Jigang Qin (GAI), Associate Professor Bangmin Nong (GAI), Lecturer Shanwu Huang (GAI) and their American counterparts, Professor Jessie Fisher (KCAI), Assistant Professor Misty Gamble (KCAI), Lecturer Scott Seebart (KCAI), Associate Professor Leandra Urrutia (MCA) and our newest member, Paolo Porelli, Co-Director of C.R.E.T.A. Rome, who will join us as we return to China in the summer of 2016.