Scott Seebart

Scott Seebart Headshot

Kansas City, USA

Scott Seebart received his BFA from the University of Minnesota, a Post-Baccalaureate degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and his MFA with a minor in Printmaking from the University of Iowa. He has studied painting at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and at the Scoula della Grafica in Venice, Italy. Seebart has taught at the University of Iowa, Wartburg University, the University of Missouri, Kansas City and is currently a lecturer in Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute and a visiting critic at the International Center for the Arts in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy. Seebart has shown in group and solo exhibitions nationally at the American Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA, Lo River Arts in Beacon, NY, Unit 5 Gallery and the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, MO. He has exhibited internationally at the Maidoff Center for the Arts and the Palazzo dei Cartelloni in Florence, Italy and the Galleria Il Bocca al Lupo and Il Piccolo Lupo in Monteceastello di Vibio, Italy.

Artist Statement

I am primarily a representational artist. My subjects include the still life, the landscape and the figure all made from observation. My works are constructions that attempt to keep up with the eye. The eyes must be ever searching and ever present, traveling over forms seen but not yet known, coercing answers from unyielding subjects. 
My art moves between questions and answers. Questions arise slowly through repeated observation of form. Answers are less forthcoming, they happen in a quick, sublime moment somewhere between vision and remembrance. A harmonious union of mark and color, past and future joined together in one eternally present moment. What I do as a artist is to give approximations, semblances of the observed. Because perceptions are fleeting and suspect and because the world is so infinitely complex, capturing an image of the world becomes very challenging. It is this challenge that keeps me making art.