Michelle Gregor

mg head shot small


San Francisco, California

California artist Michelle Gregor lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has
a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of California, Santa Cruz and Master of
Fine Arts degree from San Francisco State University. Her figurative sculptures in bronze
and ceramic range in scale from large architectural installations to small scale work with
subtle and delicate surfaces derived through multiple kiln firings. Her architectural work
may be seen in such locations as the Spa at Pebble Beach and The Olympic Club on
Sutter Street in San Francisco. Michelle’s sculpture has been described as lyrical, graceful
and spiritual.

Artist’s Statement

Sculpture is a tributary that runs deeply through the great creative current. The Process of sculpture in clay, with its slow beginning, heavy physicality, and transformations through both water and fire, compels me.
To practice this art form is to be deeply humbled by its treasures, exquisite and remarkable. This long conversation between artist and material takes many courses: a wandering dialogue. Through the vehicle of the Figure, my intention is to articulate something of the precious source that animates us. My usual subjects are travelers, protectors, sentinels and guardians. The transient state of our existence is the muse.