Shanwu Huang


Nanning, China

Shanwu Huang graduated in 2000 from the GuangXi Arts Institute (B.A.). Through Huang’s use of the multiple and mixed media in his current body of work, he centers his context on the displacement of identity. He has been recognized as “Teacher of Excellence” by the China Arts and Crafts Association and his work is housed in two prominent public collections: GuangXi College of Art Museum and the GuangXi Arts Museum of Fine Arts. Specializing in ink painting, calligraphy and metalsmithing, he is currently a Lecturer at the GuangXi Arts Institute.

Artist Statement

I am interested in the origins of life in the Eastern and Western myths and legends I research. My work is based on the principle that working with clay is a spiritual practice. All things grow from my understanding of this spirit. We know each other, our creations, and ourselves from this clay spirit.